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ALL DONATIONS are welcome, and all donors receive an official 'Thank You' letter for your tax records.

Donating to the PLANK FUND permanently enters your name, or memorial for a deceased loved one, on one of the large plaques identifying those who have donatied to the Plank Fund for the purposes of renovations, maintenance, and loan reduction for the Marine Foundation of Indiana building and property. In military history, a 'Plank Owner' is one who helped to build a Naval vessel or building.

Your generous donation is tax deductible, but you should check with your tax advisor to see if your donation is fully deductible in your situation.   The Marine Foundation of Indiana, Inc. is an Indiana Not-For-Profit Corporation with an IRS 501(c)3 Certification as a Charitable Organization.
Federal Tax ID No. 20-3810781.

Donor  information  is  kept  private  and  confidential   and  will  never  be  sold  nor  traded.
No member of the Marine Foundation of Central Indiana, Inc. Board of Directors, Officers, Committees, and employees will share, sell or trade the personal or contact information of donors to the Foundation. 
MFCI will maintain reasonable and appropriate policies and practices to insure the
confidentiality of donor personal and contact information.  This includes
secure licenses and encryption of elelctronic media to prevent
unauthorized viewing, copying, and/or tampering. 
A written policy is established, prominently
displayed and available
on request.

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