The Marine Foundation of Indiana is accepting GRANT applications.
Contact the local Detachment of the MARINE CORPS LEAGUE in your area.

The information on the Grant Request Form will be used to determine eligibility and approval for a grant from the Marine Foundation of Indiana, Inc. The following criteria will be used to determine eligibility for a grant:

Financial Assistance Grants: Support for a Marine, FMF Corpsman, FMF Chaplain and/or their Immediate Family Member who has a financial emergency, such as car, home or appliance repair, funds to cover expenses to or from the bedside of an injured or wounded Marine. “…taking care of our own”. A Marine Corps League Sponsor is required, along with qualifying documents, for this Grant.

Scholarship Grants: Providing Scholarship Grant assistance to Marines, FMF Corpsmen, FMF Chaplain and/or their Immediate Family Members in the form of Financial Aid for any College or post High School education. For Dependent Children of Marine Corps League Members, this Scholarship Grant is applied through the CRUMBO SCHOLARSHIP FUND and completed applications must be US Mail postmarked by April 30. These Scholarship Grants may be re-applied each year thereafter for up to five total Scholarship Grants. For all other Scholarship Grants, apply by filling in the GRANT REQUEST FORM , print and submit to a Marine Corps League Sponsor, along with any documents required.

Community Support / Operations Grants: Provide financial assistance to conduct events intended to affect the morale and welfare of Marines and their Family Members. Such events would include, but is not limited to, Departure and Homecoming Ceremonies, Field Breakfast and Dinners and Family Day Events. Provide assistance for civic events that promote or enhance the public image, standing, interest and proud traditions of the United States Marine Corps. Programs that educate the general public about the needs of the Marines in the State of Indiana. Provide support to Other Organizations that promote similar goals of the foundation and the interest of Marines, Family Members and the United States Marine Corps.

The quickest start to the Grants process is to fill out this form as complete and accurate as possible. Print the completed form and submit it to YOUR LOCAL MARINE CORPS LEAGUE DETACHMENT.

Download the GRANT REQUEST FORM here.

Mailing Address
Marine Foundation of Indiana, Inc.
Attn: Grant Advisory Chair
550 South Audubon Road
Indianapolis, IN  46219-8110

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confidentiality of your personal and contact information.  This includes
secure licenses and encryption of elelctronic media to prevent
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A written policy is established, prominently
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